By Ronald Kabuye
When one talks about the Antioch church, the eastern Catholic Church or the evangelical Catholic orthodox church what comes in one’ minds is the name of the former renowned Catholic priest Father Jacinto Kibuuka of Mamre prayer centre who was expelled on the allegations of neglecting the responsibility of taking care of his “son” which was later proved to be false.
To date many people believe father Kibuuka is the founder of the Antioch church which is totally false since it was first registered in Uganda in 2012 under the name of the independent charismatic church and was approved as one of the branches of the evangelical Catholic orthodox church in the same year while father Kibuuka crossed to the same church in 2016.
According to the archbishop of western uganda Most reverend Kizza Thomas Sibayirwa, after the expel of father Kibuuka from the Catholic Church in 2016 he approached him deep in kasese Where he resided,heavily burdened and explained to him his concern before advising him to apply to join them which he Kibuuka did and after eight months of vigorous and though investigations he was appointed as a priest.
Kizza says that because he is gifted he was assigned as the head of 2016 evangelical mission in central and eastern uganda a job he executed diligently which led to theĀ  church’s popularity in the region.
He adds that in the same year he was ordained as the Bishop for the central and eastern uganda and he will consecrated on the 12th of November this year by the delegate of council of bishops which has over 30 bishops across the global at a function that will be held at Namugongo Janda at Mamre prayer centre.
The government is also fully involved these arrangements and the president has committed to give full support them that’s according to his minister with portfolio and mobilisation Al hajji Abdul Naduli who also happens to be the chairperson organising committee.
Bishop Kizza also revealed that though their church allows their priests to marry but they are radical and against homosexuality.
He further clarified that the Catholic Church is also not against marriage since marriage is a discipline amongst priests but not a sin as many think biblical words


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