Due to the public outcry from the sports bet fanatics (akapapula) Babuwins inconjuction with have resolved to address your worries by bringing back the only source of reliable betting tips that will leave you as millionaire.

The betting tips are easily accessed through this new high technology on all types of phone and networks where one is only required of just visiting Babuwins with Akapapula by dialing *210*11*23# ok for VIP and Single matches and *210*11*24# ok for normal and akapapula or make it a point to tune in 90.8 Metro fm every weekly day from 12 noon to 12:30pm hosted by Uganda’ renown and best sports analyst and now kapapula super star Omuzirango Hussein Babu Lubowa.

This comes after government also reduced taxes charged on the amount one wins throughsports betting come 2017/2018.

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