Gambia: Breaking News: Former Gambian President Turned Rebel To Appoint A New Cabinet!


Hours after President Adama Barrow, took his oath of office and allegiance, in the Senegalese capital Dakar, former Gambian President now turned rebel Yahya Jammeh, issued a press release announcing that he is about to appoint a new cabinet, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh, who thanked his former cabinet for their services to the nation said a new cabinet is due to be announced soon. The press release was read on state media by GRTS’s Malick Jones.

Mr. Jammeh is seemingly trying to divert public attention from Barrow’s presidency by making such an outrageous and ridiculous statement. He wants to reassert his position that he still has a firm grip of the country.

Gambians both at home and abroad were taken aback by Jammeh’s pronouncement. Mr. Jammeh lacks local and international legitimacy. The United Nations on Thursday declared Adama Barrow, as Gambia’s legitimate president.

Mr. Jammeh’s term has expired, but he is still occupying the State House. His latest declaration has caused state of confusion in the country. But notwithstanding, Gambians thronged the streets of Banjul on Thursday, to celebrate Barrow’s inauguration. Thousands of opposition supporters marched in the streets of the Greater Banjul Area to express solidarity with President Barrow and his new government.

The Guinean, and Liberian presidents are due to arrive in Banjul on Friday. Negotiations are underway for Mr. Jammeh to be granted political asylum in ether Guinea or Mauritania.

Friday, is an important day for the settling of Gambia’s political impasse. The ECOWAS troops are waiting for the outcome of the said meeting before they would move in to send the old regime packing


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