Gen. Jeje Odongo dismayed with the “religious” that engage in evil acts


from left to right apostle John Bunjo, Gen. Jeje Odongo and Pastor Byiringiro in unison praying for Uganda. photo by Ronald Kabuye

By Ronald Kabuye
Internal affairs Minister General Jeje Odongo has expressed dismay with the many people who fill up churches and mosque pretending to be so religious yet in actual sense some of them engage in murderous, evil and satanic acts which has led to increased insecurity in the country.
Odongo said its no longer a secret that the country is apparently facing some cases of insecurity which he attributed to the criminals who keep in churches and mosques and intentionally disregard what is preached to them by the religious leaders especially in regards to care and love  for one another but opt for evil acts.
Odongo made the remarks while officially opening up Turberncle of God international ministries in Lugala Lubaga division in Kampala Capital City Authority KCCA led by pastor Elisha Byiringiro.

pastor Byiringiro and Apostle John Bunjo praying for Gen. Jeje Odongo. Photo by Ronald Kabuye

On his part Pastor Elisha appealed to the public to work as they pray in order to overcome poverty, develop the country and the church.
He also advised the youths not to tire on education since its the key to most of the opportunities before calling for calm amidst the current wave of insecurity in the country and to also give chance to security organs to do their work.
Meanwhile Apostle John Bunjo lashed at Christians who spend most of their time at church instead of portioning less time for prayer and much to their work.
He also encouraged born again Christians to involve themselves in politics and to actively participate in the forthcoming local and women Council elections.
Also in attendance was Pastor Simeon Kayiwa.
All the people who attended the ceremony used that opportunity to pray for uganda.

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