By Kabuye Ronald

Kampala lord mayor Elias Lukwago wants government to ruin in the top security officials who he says are blocking the streamlining of boda boda industry in the city.

In his address to the media, Lukwago alluded to the fact that Kampala minister Betty Namisango Kamya also recognize that boda boda mess is caused by top security officers in the country including Gen. Saleh Musaleh, the inspector general of Police gen. Kale Kayihura and the security minister lLt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde who formed factions within the industry hence frustrating the authority’s efforts to streamline the industry which has became a debate in the entire country.

“Government should be ready to ruin in the boda boda business and remove the top security officials from the business and leave the authority to do our work” said Lukwago

“in the bill we want unified leadership, government to call to order these over 100 boda boda faction god fathers, create a data bank for cyclists and gazette stages” Lukwago added  

Lukwago also appealed to the Kampala minister to respect the process for the bill for ordinance of the Boda Boda business that is being prepared by the authority by abandoning her plans to organize elections for the industry.

Lukwago also cautioned that if Boda Boda issues are not handled with care it might land the country into trouble especially with the recent presidential directive were he advised those with cars to sort out boda bodas that keep following them saying it might result into mayhem.

Meanwhile lukwago has written to the Kampala minister Betty Kamya inquiring on how the said CCTV cameras are to be procured and installed in city as per president Museveni’ directive since the same item is not budgeted for in the KCCA budget call-circulars.

Whereas lukwago appreciates the importance’s of the cameras but he is seeking answers from the minister on whether the council should halt the budget process pending camera funds inclusion or the matter is futuristic since KCCA is grappling with finances after the KCCA budget for the next financial year was cut from 563 to 314 billion yet the said cameras are estimated at 500 billion shillings

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