Genuine dialogue is the answer to the insecurity in Uganda -FDC



By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has called for a genuine and serious dialogue to bring about justice for all in order to fight the current insecurity in the country.
Speaking to journalists at the party headquarters in Najjankumbi the deputy secretary general Harold Kaija, relating to the assassination of the Arua municipality legislator slain hon. Ibrahim Abiriga and Eulogizing him, requested President Museveni to apologize to the country for uttering out unresearched statements immediately after assassination incidents happen yet no convicts have ever been secured.
He urged government to stop what he termed as big brother syndrome and start taking and addressing things seriously since tracking devices, cameras,  guns,  local district security units like LDU will not help without ensuring justice for all.
He trashed the assertions by President Museveni that the Hon. Abiriga assassination was politically motivated before appealing to him to always give himself time  to think and research before commenting and acting when insecurity incidents happen.
FDC also suggested that a team of experts should sit, evaluate and come out with solutions rather than issuing threats.
” If Abiriga’ assassination is politically motivated, how about the kidnaps, murders what is the cause.
President Museveni’s government is like a disaster management government, it’s high time a team of experts is set up to evaluate these incidents and come up with solutions in addition to a genuine dialogue that will give really justice to all”  said KAIJA.
” calling these murderers silly, stupid and cowards will not help but instead cause us more problems because if the silly ones are not arrested and convicted then what will happen when the wise ones start engaging in the same acts?
We should all know that no body is safe in this country  irrespective of the political, traditional, religion and social affiliation.” he added.

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