Globalizing youth activism: Belgium’s scholars, diplomats visit Uganda’s alternative youth pressure group


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
For over 4 years, the alternative formerly the jobless brotherhood under their national coordinator Norman Tumuhimbise Liberty have been on the helm of agitating and fighting for the rights of Ugandans by demanding for accountability, transparency, equality and justice through staging non violent demonstrations especially by dumping pigs around different parts of the country but most especially in Kampala, specifically at the parliament.

The most recent recalled activities are the September 15th 2016 10 a date that colored animals were dumped by Joseph Lukwago and Lutta Ferdinand the group members protesting the 200 million shillings  car cash for the legislators and the February 20th 2017 the yellow pig paint soaked dumped at Kimathe Avenue against the 6 billion shillings presidential handshakes.

Such activities appeased these diplomats, scholars and a group of 20 people from Ghent University Belgium Department of conflict and Development studies led by Prof Dr. Buscher to visit the group which include Norman Tumuhimbise, Hamis Musoke, Ssemwanga  Jacson, Kazibwe Basir and a one Ivan and their major aim of the visit is to discuss what has made them to become the major outstanding youth activist group  in the country  and how they can be helped to maintain and boost their struggle of demanding for accountability in a non violent manner.

While responding to the delegation questions especially from the scholars who are in the country for their masters and Phd research, Tumuhimbise narrated how challenging the journey has been characterized by kidnaps, arrests, levying charges against them in courts of laws,torture, threats among other.

“Ever since 2014, we have been following your non violent activities what have helped you and the fro group to overcome government bribes and compromises?” Sarah Ritah Da Costa asks.

“This hasn’t been an easy self allocated task because it comes with kidnaps, arrests, being charged in courts, torture which comes with prize but we are just resilient, focus and determined.
However there are some who have left us and joined the dictator simply because they have been paid, others join us for a mission but that doesn’t deter our activism work” Tumuhimbise responded

Tumuhimbise expressed displeasure over police break into  their MM plaza offices which were offered to them by one of the embassies last year.
He asserts that police stole their property including computers, national flag, furniture, stationery and other office materials which up to now they have not recovered.

“One embassy rented and furnished for us an office at MM plaza last year but less than 2 months police had sealed off our offices and all the property taken until today we are not allowed to access it because the then IGP Kale Kaihura had issued orders” Tumuhimbise adds.

In response, the diplomats promised a mutual understanding including international leadership training and support.


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