God doesn’t provide cash unless if you work in addition to prayer- Bishop Kibuuka


Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka praying for the flocks. photo by Ronald Kabuye

By Ronald Kabuye
Christians have been urged to work hard in addition to praying if they are to get financially independent since God doesn’t provide hard cash but rather knowledge, energy, plan, mission and blessings which must be put into practice.
The call has been sounded by the Bishop for Central and Eastern provinces of Uganda (Catholic Eastern rite/Antioch) Jacinto Kibuuka during the financial independence prayers at Mamre International prayer centre Namugongo Janda on Independence Day.
In his Preaching, the charismatic Bishop advised the congregation in addition to the prayer of breaking all kinds of spells, curses and bandages, to develop the  love, need and the desire to have the money. He however cautioned them against being controlled by money and getting pride because of the same.
He also urged them to save the money, buy or make prosperity by investing in fixed assets that appreciates like land.

The spiritual director of Mamre international prayer centre further cited out some of the anti prosperity spirits including but not limited to laziness, pride, spiritual weakness, lack of creativity and innovation, curses which have led to unprecedented unemployment mostly among the youths brought about by their  corrupt parents who embezzle(ed) public fund especially that of the poor and engaging in Ungodly acts like witchcraft.
Other spirits include theft, untrustworthy and the spirit of manipulation especially in fake churches that reach an extent of instructing congregates to tithe from the money got out loans.
Bishop Kibuuka in the same way appealed to all Ugandans to thank God for their nation and pray for continued stability, prosperity and development.


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