We are going to kill kitata for messing up with military people- Kasirye Ggwanga


By Ronald Kabuye
Brigadier general Kasirye Ggwanga says that military is going to kill the troubled and incarcerated Boda boda 2010 patron and the Lubaga National Resistance Movement Chairperson Abdallah Kitata for messing up with the military people.
Kasirye made the remarks while appearing on Metro Fm 90.8 radio talk show Olujegere hosted by Innocent Eria Banda on Tuesday evening.
Brigadier Kasirye Ggwanga castigated Kitata for dealing with military people yet he is not a soldier and politicking in the  military issues.
“We are going to kill Kitata for messing up with military people, in military we deal with numbers does kitata own a military number? Kitata is going to die ” Kasirye Ggwanga emphasized
Kasirye also  attributed the growth of kifeesi (Criminals) to ordinary Ugandans who poorly feed their children and neglect their role of grooming their children not politics.
He further asserted that the next generation will be ashamed of this generation.
It should be noted that on Monday the military court sitting at chieftancy of military intelligency headquarters in Mbuya preferred four criminal counts including being in possession of military stores among others which attract death and life imprisonment sentence upon conviction against Kitata and 12 others. They were subsequently remanded them to Kigo until February 9th for further mention of their case.


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