Good care launches a drive to raise 1m mama kits, 2m sanitary pads for vulnerable communities



By Ronald Kabuye
In a bid to reduce the high number of maternal mortality rate in the country, Good care Uganda Foundation has on Thursday launched a campaign to raise at least one million mama kits, two million sanitary pads, midwife backpacks, Hiv testing kits and ambulances which shall be distributed to vulnerable communities, hospitals, schools and house holds.
Unveiling the campaign, the good care Foundation executive director Guma Lucky Moses, said they hope to achieve their ambition of raising the logistics by reaching out to cooperate bodies and through good care international charity day run 2018 due on 30th November at kololo airstrip were tickets go for 20,000 shillings.
The campaign is hold under the theme “safe motherhood, until maternal mortality is no more” and the slogan save a mother. Save a child.
According to the demographic household survey (UDHS) 2016, maternal mortality rate stands at 336 per 100,000 live births and neonatal mortality rate at 27 per 1,000 live births yet the maternal mortality ratio should be less than 70 per 100,000 live births and neonatal mortality at least 12 per 1000 live births as per World Health Organization.
In the rural communities of Uganda, two thirds of the births still occurs at home or some time on the way to hospitals or health centres without the presence of either a health worker or traditional birth attendant. In addition, only 33% of births are attended by doctors, nurses or midwives.
Furthermore the deaths of newborn babies in rural districts in Uganda represent a half of the total number of deaths of children under five.
It’s upon this background that good care Uganda Foundation ia urging the public to contribute towards this noble cause.

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