Government approves free power connection policy


By  Mukose Arnold Anthony

The minister of energy and minerals Eng Irene Muloni has revealed that the government has approved a free power connection policy because local Ugandans have been getting difficulties in connecting power to their homes despite line passing over heads.

This policy comes in a time where the government has so far borrowed over 140.5M Euros in a period of just two days, $125.1M from Japan yesterday and 37.1M euro today.

While signing these loan agreements at the ministry of Finance, planning and economic development headquarters in  Kampala, Eng Muloni said that at many occasions the government extends powers to the local people but always keep watching poles and wires due to lack of connection fees.

She further reveals that there is new technology of ready boards which have with already wired sockets to ease especially one roomed house.

“Almost 75% of Ugandans are not connected to power even though wires are over head reason is because of high power connection fee so government has approved a free power connection policy, so the government is going to do it for Ugandans to extend electricity upto your door plus pre-paid matter connected and to those who can’t afford extensive wire, there is a new technology we’re introducing” Min Eng Muloni reveals

  Muloni adds that the power tariffs are soon reducing once the consumption is increased

“We’re increasing generation, we must increase also the transmission and the distribution but also to increase the consumption so that the electricity we’re generating is efficiently utilized hence the cost of every unit of electricity is bound to come down though other efforts to reduce unit cost are in high gear but the current cost caused bby surplus power which is bought from the generation plants and yet not used” Minister Muloni revealed.


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