By Kabuye Ronald

As one of the efforts to eliminate malaria by 2020 and reducing its prevalence in Uganda, ministry of health and partners have today launched a campaign to promote public awareness on the subsidized malaria drugs across the country.

While launching the campaign dubbed Behavioral change communication BCC, the malaria control program manager Dr. Jimmy Opigo, said the campaign aims at eliminating malaria by 2020.

Dr Opigo added that the aim of subsidizing malaria drugs known as Arteminisinin-based combination Therapies (ACTs) and malaria rapid diagnostic tests complete doses in private drug shops, pharmacy and private hospitals with a green leaf sign is to make malaria treat available and affordable to the public.

He revealed that malaria doze for children will start at 1000 shillings while the adults will start at 4000.

“To make treatment with quality anti malaria available and accessible to the rural poor can only be achievable by intervention in the private sector market through a subsidized system.” Said Opigo

“what we have launched is a campaign to make the public aware and take advantage and benefit from the subsidized drugs in order to further our campaign to fight and eliminate malaria by 2020.” He added

Now government injects in this project 12 million us dollars per year while the launched awareness campaign for the public to demand for subsidized medicine was allocated 4.3 us million dollars for four years. The program will run in 57 districts in five regions across the country.

Surveys indicates that about 60% of Ugandan population seek malaria treatment from private health center thus governments intervention to have every person access affordable and desired malaria treatment.

According to ministry of health statistics, Malaria prevalence stands at 19% from the previous 42% with a death rate of 4 persons in every 1000.


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