October 20, 2020
October 20, 2020

Government Should Reopen Schools To End Child Trafficking And Unwanted Pregnancy


Rahab Uganda together with Girls Advocai Alliance and Terre Des hommes asked Government to reopen schools to end child trafficking, child labor and unwanted pregnancy that increased in children’s during this lockdown.
This follows the media address ahead of world international day of child trafficking that will take place on 31st of July 2020 which they say lockdown is more deadly with lots of issues not only course unemployment but increased risk’s especially in children’s.
Fiona Namazzi Program Associate Rahab Uganda Said that as that world prepare to commemorate the international day of child trafficking a number youth/children has come to Report has been trafficked child trafficking like child labor, exploitation of sexual abuse, forced begging on street, death bondage as girls looking for a day living as you all know schools are closed and children are well face the traffickers because of poverty due to low income household.
“Cultural and social norms affects girls allot, children’s are at home facing challenges of cultural leader’s, I call upon the leaders to save children’s and how to protect them through this Covid-19 crisis” Said Namazzi.
Reports indicates that half of adolescent pregnancies in the country are unintended and that 15% end up in abortion.
Statistics gathered by Makerere University, the Tutt-macher Institute and Public Health Ambassadors Uganda maintain that over 57,000 abortions take place among adolescents aged 15 -19 annually.
Betty Naluyima the vice chairperson Wakiso district said that it’s crossed over to youths to the extent of children’s say ‘what may come let me go because of the situation at home and ends up into hands of traffickers.
“Enough is enough, we all need to say no sexual abuse, child trafficking and abortion, what couses trafficking? Parents wake up and mind about who your child Associate with, trafficking it’s not all about going abroad but even from Kampala to Mubendde, lockdown couses more crisis which needs government to reopen the schools so that they get back to school, their feature is destroyed because of closer of schools” Said Naluyima
Jesca Birungi the girls child advocacy Rahab Uganda Said that some of the Social cultural norms that end up distracting children’s, parents think girls can’t contribute to anything and boys are only one to lead the cue.
“They reject us a chance and forced us to go for commercial sex and we girls meant to be behind, no chance for property, high position I call upon community leaders and cultural leader’s please don’t take this as an advantage to kill our feature just give us a chance to exercise your rights” Said Birungi
Engineer Ronald Balimwezo Nsubuga the Nakawa division mayor condemned all acts that intended to child trafficking which he described as child mind torture and distortion of children’s feature to stop immediately because whoever get involved will face the law. However he raised fear since the cases are increased.
“In 2013, we observed that there were 313,000 abortions that were procured in Uganda among all the age groups. Let us prevent these unwanted pregnancies by ensuring that all women who are in need of postponing pregnancy have access to family planning,” Said Balimwezo
Balimwezo adds that statistics show that more than 10% of maternal deaths are as a result of unsafe abortions with over 100,000 being hospitalized for complications due to unsafe abortion.
Rahab Uganda is a NGO that started in 2005 aiming to rescind, withdraw, rehabilitate, reintegrate or resettle girls after affected by sexual exploitation and human trafficking with the vision of a Nation where girls are valued and their worth upheld following the mission of restore the self image of girls/young woman affected by sexual exploitation and human trafficking vto empower them to proactively engaged in personal transformation.
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