Government to close all illegal children’s homes



By Mukose Arnold Anthony

The ministry of gender, labour and social development has issued a last instruction to all districts Chief Administrative officers (CAOS) to close all illegal children’s homes in order to safe guard the country’s future generation.
The remarks have been issued by the director social protection Mr. James Ebitu at the closure of a three days consultative workshop on National Integrated Early Childhood (NIECD) communication and advocacy strategy in Mukono on Friday afternoon

Ebitu instructed that all illegal homes must be closed by June 30th of this year and failure to do so, they will account for failing the government programs.

“As you may have heard, the MGLSD has launched a campaign to close all illegal children homes. We have communicated to the CAOs about this earlier” Mr. Ebitu’s statement reads.

“Though some acted, others have not. Now you have no choice, hence you’ll be required to account for any illegal children homes in your jurisdiction by June 30, 2018” The statement emphasized.

These remarks were made before Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) at local government and national levels, representatives from civil society organizations, development partners like UNICEF, Plan international, World vision, save the children, Aga Khan foundation, Chesire Services and field of life among others where Ebitu called upon all concerned authorities and patterns to use all the available opportunities to talk about child issues.

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