By Kabuye Ronald

The Education minister Janet Kataha Museveni has expressed concern over the trend by the schools to invest more time in giving repeated mocks and tests instead of teaching the students.

Kataha said this doesn’t only burden parents financially but has also resulted into cram work hence leading to repeated failure by students.

She also revealed that they will recruit 2000 science teachers in 500 USE schools this year in addition to the already recruited head teachers and their deputies.

The minister also cautioned teachers against locking up text books and equipments sent by the ministry as learning aids stressing that the ministry accords all schools the same importance and support irrespective.

“it not true that government separates Ugandans in education sector by having traditional schools the perform far better than USE schools but you we have made efforts to all Ugandans benefit from education and its better to have the little education than non. I believe we shall get to the level of indigenous traditional schools since this is a process” said the first lady

The minister also launched a system where results are automatically uploaded on school portals for easy access by head teachers.


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