Gov’t to foil counter Independence celebrations


By Johanna Mpindi
As Uganda prepares to celebrate its 55th Independence Day on the 9th of October, the minister for the Presidency Hon. Esther Mbayo has cautioned those planning to stage counter celebrations not to dare since the country will have a number of security organs to maintain peace and order in the country on that day.

According to Esther Mbayo, this year’s independence celebrations will be held in Bushenyi District at the Municipal Grounds under the theme, Uganda’s freedom must be anchored in the spirit of hard work,resilience and commitment  therefore no other celebrations will be in the country apart from the ones in Bushenyi.
she added that His highness the Aga Khan will be among the people who will receive the medals since he has immensely contributed to economic development.
Another is Michelle Sibide the Secretary General for USAID for her great role in the fight to reduce HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

His Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be the guest of honour together with other dignitaries both local and international are also expected to attend.

It is on this note that she appealed to all Ugandans from all walks of life to take off time and remind them selves about the events and join in celebrations.

The day is also used to remember political leaders, Civil servants and ordinary men and women who have in their daily lives contributed to the building of our country through mounting pressure to the colonial administration, organising through workers union, militant agitations and other forms of demand for independence not until 9th October 1962 that the masters had to yield and Grant us the independence.


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