October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020



By Kabuye Ronald

Government has through the attorney general filed a response challenging an interim injunction requested by the British American Tobacco- BAT to halt the execution of the tobacco control Act 2015 that came into force on 19th may 2016 pending the hearing of the main suite at the constitutional court.

BAT challenges the entirety of the act in the main suit on grounds that it doesn’t favor the tobacco producing industry since it provides for 60% display of information about the dangers paused on the product its self.

 However, the state says the act aims at protecting public health and environment given the fact that tobacco is only hazardous.

 According to Moses Talibita the legal officer of Uganda National Health Consumers Organization UNHCO, they are very optimistic that the case will end in their favor given the voluminous authorities on the same and the importance of protecting one’s life.

Last month, the Kenyan constitutional court quashed a request by BAT challenging an act of the same nurture.

It’s also important to note that according to World Health Organization, 6 million people die annually due to tobacco related diseases and of these 60,000 people are passive smokers.

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