Gov’t urges pregnant women to increase Antenatal visits to 8 from 4 before giving birth


By Ronald Kabuye
The ministry of health has advised and urged pregnant women to atleast attend eight antenatal care visits an upgrade from four  from an appropriate health care provider.
According to the ministry the move will help in reducing the maternal mortality rate that stands at 336 per 100,000 live births and children below five years deaths that stands at 22 per 1000 children.

Sharmina Kauma an educationalist from the ministry of health  revealed that mothers need support from their family and community seeking care during pregnancy, at the time of delivery, after delivery and during the lactation period.
Sharmina urged men to fully support their pregnant wives, communicate with the baby while still in the womb for easy bonding after birth.
She says the child should be taken for immunization five times before their first birthday, the mothers should also exclusively breast feed their baby for the first six mothers unless advised otherwise by the doctors, sleeping under the insectcide treated nets, keep clean of the new born, washing your hands with clean water and soap before preparing, serving, eating meals, feeding children, after using latrine, and proper disposal of faeces.
Others include feeding babies starting at six months with freshly prepared energy and nutrients rich complementary foods while continuing to breastfeed the baby up to two years of age and longer and to always follow the health worker’s advice about taking medication, the treatment, follow up visits and referrals


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