Greedy, nepotism, thuggery of govt officials is what is killing Ugandan-FDC


By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC asserts that Ugandans are dying due to the negligence, thuggery, nepotism and greed of some government officials.
The assertion has been made by the party deputy secretary general Harold Kaija while consoling the people of Bududa who were affected in the landslides that left over 40 dead and scores injured.
He said it’s saddening that government did not do any due diligence while buying land which was air in kiryadongo district where the Bududa people were supposed to be resettled at cost of eight billion shillings and no body has bothered to follow up on the same.
He also partly attributed such disasters to climate change thus calling upon Ugandans to jealous preserve the environment.
In the same way the party has embarked on the process of fundraising with a motive of helping the Bududa victims thus urging Ugandans to contribute towards the cause through FDC secretary general offices.
Meanwhile Kaija has condemned police’s actions of stopping the FDC delegate that was led by party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi and Dr Kizza Besigye from accessing Kasese district where they had a party function.


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