Harmful use of alcohol kills 3.3 million people, experts set to meet to find solutions Inbox

By Kabuye Ronald As the country still faces the challenge of harmful use of alcohol, World Health Organisation (WHO), says harmful use of alcohol is responsible for 3.3 million deaths every year that is: "one death every 10 seconds."

Harmful use of alcohol kills 3.3 million people, experts set to meet to find solutions Inbox
Speaking at a virtue press conference in preparation for the  2nd Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance virtual conference due on the 26th and 27th November at Fairway hotel,  the organising committee chairperson  Dr. David Kalema revealed that alcohol use also leads to more than 200 disease and injury conditions including a range of mental and behavioral disorders.
He says alcohol is a massive obstacle to development, fuelling poverty, inequality, violence, including gender-based violence, and vast economic and productivity losses.
Statistic indicate that Uganda’s alcohol per capita consumption of 9.8 litres, is among the highest in Africa as Africa’s average is 6 litres (WHO, 2014). In 2011, a worldwide survey of socio-economic consequences of alcohol consumption reported Uganda as the country with 
the highest rate of alcohol-related negative consequences among listed drinkers.
Dr. Kalema also revealed that alcohol use complicated the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in addition to worsening other problems like domestic 
violence and family neglect.
Recent finding from the New Vision survey indicated that Alcohol abuse ranked no one among the issues that Ugandans want politicians to address.
It should be noted that Uganda still works with the out-dated Enguli act of 1967 and a few fragmented laws. In 2019, Uganda recently took some bold steps in control of alcohol harm by banning alcohol sachets and passing the alcohol policy but a lot is still desired in enforcing the directives. 
The 2nd Uganda Alcohol Policy Conference will bring together key stake holders to discuss strategies for controlling alcohol harm in Uganda. 
According to Dr. kalema  So far 140 participants from 21 countries have registered to share regional and global success stories and challenges related to mitigation of alcohol harm. 
The conference shall be at Fairway hotel but because of the COVID-19 measures only a few people shall be allowed to attend in person. Others can follow online.