Head of EOC in Uganda Bp. Kiiza appointed to the global Episcopal conference


By Ronald Kabuye
It’s great news coming in from America to the followers and believers of the  Evangelical Orthodox Church in Uganda. Following the confirmation and elevation of the religion head in Uganda,  the Most Rev.Bishop Dr.Kiiza Thomas   as an international official Member of the Standing Episcopal Conference of Orthodox Catholic Bishops in the world by the Orthodox Catholic Church of America.
The communication was not only communicated to Bishop Kiiza but his potriat was put on the faith’s official website and it’s visible on http://www.oca-uaoc.org/index.html, then select: SEC and scroll down on the photos-You will see Bishop Kiiza at the bottom.
According to the communication on the facebook page of mamre prayer center international, one of the churches of the EOC led by the Bishop for central and Eastern provinces of uganda the most Rev. Jacinto Kibuuka, the appointment means that their  sacraments have been approved and validly declared right within their faith globally.
“This means that The Apostolic succession, sacraments of The EOC in Uganda have been approved and validly declared right within both Orthodox-Catholic-The East-Western Rites as authentic. It is such an honor to fit in there after a deep search and validation process. All are welcome to the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ in our hands. We are a true Charismatic Orthodox-Catholic branch of the Eastern Rite. We welcome and embrace all children of God.” read the post in parts.


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