Health ministry issues guidelines for medical camps, exonorates Mengo hospital



By Ronald Kabuye
The ministry of health has finally issued guidelines to be followed for conducting medical camps in the country to avoid unwarranted ones that don’t much the standards.
In the guidelines any person or institution which intends to organise a medical camp must first seek authority from the Uganda Medical and dental practitioners Council so that due process verification is done to avoid unwarranted consequences.

The minister of health in charge of general duties Hon. Sarah Opendi said that they want to ensure safety of patients and participants in addition to benefiting the recipient and society at large plus ensuring a system of management of complications and emergencies.
“many medical camps have been conducted without our knowledge and many people use the opportunity to bring in sub standard drugs and do unwarranted research on the patients.
Now the guidelines will help us Monitor all the medical camps” said Opendi
meanwhile the ministry has exonorated Mengo hospital on allegations that 31 patients died in the complex neurosurgical camp that was hosted by Mengo hospital in November last year which was conducted by visiting team from Duke University who had also conducted 11 similar camps at Mulago National refferal hospital and Mbarara hospital respectively.
According to the findings by Uganda Medical and dental practitioners Council UMDC only five died out of the 31 patients that were operated and no post morteum report done simply because the families of the deceased refused however the cause of death is attributed to infections and blood clot in lungs.
It was also found out that there was adequate preparation from the team, the visiting team was dully qualified, registered and had certificate of good standing.
However the report faults Mengo hospital for having weakness in documentation of patient file. They have also advised Mengo hospital to improve it’s intensive care unit.
“we are not saying that Mengo hospital’s ICU is not stastifying but we want it to be better equipped and well manded. We also want all referral hospital to ICU which is well equipped and well manded since there few hospitals in the country with ICU and these have four to five beds”.

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