Health ministry launches a five year diabetic strategy plan


By Ronald Kabuye
Ministry of health department of non communicable diseases inconjunction with the Uganda Diabetes Association has launched a five year strategic plan aiming at streamlining it’s treatment and awareness.
The launch was held at Mengo hospital playground where the world diabetes day was commemorated in Uganda and hundreds of people turned up to get free screening and medical services.
According to the chairperson of Uganda Diabetes Association Dr. Lumu William an assoccition that spearheaded the draft of the strategy, emphasised that the strategy will put more efforts on the health education, research which will help in creating an information data base, infrastructural development, ensuring that there is enough drugs and devices in Medical Centers, international networking to makes diabetes management easier and setting up national guidelines which will inform a uniform treatment of diabetes in the entire country.
According to the head of non communicable diseases prevention and control program at the ministry of health Doctor Gerald Mutungi at least one million Ugandans are battling diabetes out of which 300000 are adults in their reproductive age group which puts them at risk of having poor pregnancy outcome including abortion and over 5000 children are in clinics suffering from the same.
Worse still 80% of those with diabetes do not know that they are suffering from it which makes treatment of complications like blindness, stroke, kidney failure, impotence and amongst others so difficult.
Mutungi emphasized the need to put more efforts in prevention of the disease adding that government has decentralized the diabetes drugs to the level of health center three though must times they run out of stock thus a call to patients to form assoccitions which help in fight against drug stock out.
“diabete is a difficult disease to manage so it’s better we encourage prevention and it can only be achieved by avoiding the risk factors. How we do it is by atleast sparing 30 minutes doing physical activities, eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits but not junky foods, avoid use of tobacco, alcohol abuse and by following the doctors advice” said Dr. Mutungi.
Some of the symptoms of diabetes include sweating a lot, unintended weight loss or gain among others.


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