By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The permanent secretary for health ministry Dr. Dianah Atwine has trashed all reports and public claims that her ministry has passed guidelines to supply contraceptives to girls from the age of 14 so as to safeguard them from early childhood pregnancies.
This while giving the health tax usage during the two days Uganda Revenue Authority URA tax appreciation week held at Kololo.
Atwine revealed that it’s clear in the minutes of all consultative meetings that the alleged proposal was dropped before describing those who gave the guidelines to print media as self centered people.
She affirmly stated that government is not ready to give out these pills young girls before cautioning the international community not to get involved in the health affairs of the country.
It should be noted that the Minister for health Jane Ruth Aceng recently revealed proposal of introducing contraceptives in secondary schools to curb early childhood pregnancies, which was not welcomed by most parents who assert that it doesn’t only destroy the future of the country by influencing early sex intercourse but also exposes them to HIV and STDs.
Parents say that family planning mechanism have caused mother harm since it exposes them to diseases like cancer, fibroids thus it will destroy the ovaries of the little ones.
Just like parents, female students condemned the purported move by government hence advised it appeal to put more emphasize on counseling and health sciences.
Yesterday our reporter spoke to the senior educationist Fagil Monday about the same and he opposed the move on grounds that it will be legalizing immorality in schools.

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