High Court okays lining up in local council elections


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
High Court at twed towers under justice Worayo  Henrita  has today morning declined to block the forth coming queuing in the local council elections slated for 21st November but rather adjourned the hearing to 4th December for the hearing of the case filed by the activists of the alternatives led by Norman Tumuhimbise challenging the lining up on grounds of being insecure in a multiparty dispensation.

The adjournment simply clears the election exercise the hearing comes after the polls.

This follows the applicants through their lawyer Eron Kizza complaining over the late submission of defense from Sabiti Eric on behalf of the electoral commission and the attorney general since Sabiti submitted just a day to the hearing which Kizza regarded as an ambush contrary to the judicature rules and rendered the applicant to seek for the adjournment.

Following the issuance of electoral guidelines on  24 August this year for the Local Council elections estimated to cost Shs 12.17bn on both LC one and LC2 polls  Norman Tumuhimbise, Hamisi Musoke, Becky Achom, Bashir Mubiru, Taddeo Kawuki and Nicholas Atuhairwe on  September 13 2017 rushed to the constitutional court for legal interpretation of the matter.

After the judge adjourning the matter, we managed to speak to the Eron Kizza who said that even though  court had decided to handle their matter after the exercise which will be over take by events, they will proceed with the matter since his clients want stop same in the future processes.

“Though our case will be taken  over by events, but we want  court to dismiss such kind of exercise in the next polls after 5years to come” Counsel Kizza highlighted

On behalf of the applicants, Tumuhimbise Norman wants government to change and reverse it’s public harmful decision.

“We don’t want to risk lives of our citizens, take an example if the land lord contests and you don’t line behind him, will you survive being evicted?’ Tumuhimbise wonder.

“We are not looking at the precedence of only this election but we are looking at a permanent decision and if court has decided so, we want to fight out such decisions and we are not bothered though we are dismayed by how the whole government with all resources decided to reply yesterday and yet the case is today, we can’t file rejoinders in just hours” Tumuhimbises confidently highlighted


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