Hipipo Awards Hits Back At Daily Monitor


Following the extremely successful 5th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards, so much false, misrepresented and ill-intended information has been published about both HiPipo Music Awards, and its organizers. We choose to stay silent because we know that all that is being published is false – mere lies, defamation ( both slander and libel). At the right time, HiPipo will surely respond.

Having said that, here is how it gets interesting..

One of the biggest abuser and hater of HiPipo Music Awards, (Edward Sendi) was appointed a Judge of Club Music Video Awards. Since then, his negative talk against HiPipo both on Radio and Social Media has grown. Now I ask; Was his appointment as a judge a coincidence or it was designed and premeditated? Is abusing HiPipo part of his JOB as a Club Music Video Awards judge?

Two: the newspaper (Daily Monitor) that is leading the attacks against HiPipo is a very great beneficiary of Club Beer Monies through ADs. Actually, even below the two pages negative article against HiPipo today is an advert for Club Music Video Awards. Do they think that by trying to kill HiPipo, they are growing the other brand?

Is HiPipo responsible for Bebe Cool and Team TNS shunning Club Awards?

Was HiPipo the reason why Club Music Video Awards were held in 2013 thereafter took a three years leave only to return this year?

Lastly, when you read the article written by Isaac Ssejjombwe and Lawrence Ogwal, your eyes are faced with allegations and more allegations. It is clear that these two writers were not interested in writing a factual and objective story. Theirs was to collect and create as many allegations as possible and call it a story. Is that responsible journalism? Can they prove any of what they published about money exchanging hands? Can they present the said anonymous source/s?


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