Hon. Betty Nambooze granted police bond, discharged from Kiruddu hospital


Hon. Nambooze on her sick bed after receiving the police bond and hospital discharge news at kiruddu hospital

By Ronald Kabuye
Uganda police force at Kibuli Crime investigating department has finally granted a police bond to Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke and subsequently has been discharged  from Mulago Kiruddu referral hospital which has been acting as both a treatment facility and detention centre for her.
After discharging Hon. Nambooze, she went straight to Bugoloobi Medical Center a private hospital where she will be receiving treatment until she travels to India for proper treatment and review of the spinal cord that was operated from the same country.
According to the police bond Nambooze is charged with incitement to commit an offence and offensive communication and she is required to report back at kibuli CID headquarters on the 27th of July.
It should be noted that Nambooze was first arrested from her home about two weeks ago before she was granted a police bond which was cancelled the following day, summoned to kibuli CID headquarters before being transferred to Nagalama police station where her health condition detoriated.
Nambooze was then rushed to Kiruddu hospital and despite all the efforts to have her granted police bond, police did not heed to it until this Wednesday afternoon.

joyful moments from Hon. nambooze’s supporters after her discharge from Kiruddu hospital

Early this week police also secured a warrant from Buganda road magistrates court allowing them to consificate Nambooze’s tablet, laptop and phones to further enhance their investigations.
Nambooze’s arrest is premised on her facebook comment in regards to the slain Arua municipality legislator Hon Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother who also doubled as his body guard Saidi Bugu Kongo assassination on their way back home at kawanda Matugga wakiso district.

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