Hon. Nambooze’s bond cancelled, detained at Nagalama police station



By Ronald Kabuye
Police has cancelled Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke’s bond which she secured on accusations of offensive communication.
Police says that Nambooze’s words might have led to Arua municipality legislator slain hon Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother who also doubled as his body guard Saidi Bugu Kongo assassination at kawanda Matugga wakiso district on their way back home.
It should be noted that Hon. Nambooze was arrested on Wednesday from her home in Mukono was shortly kept at Jinja road police station before detaining her at nagalama, was resummoned on Thursday to appear at police CID headquarters in Kibuli which she adhered to after acquiring her medication but was surprised to be taken to Nagalama police station for detention.
The developments have been confirmed by the leader of opposition in parliament rt.hon Winnie Kiiza who has condemned police’s action.
Kiiza put the police on notice that incase anything bad happens to Nambooze, they will answer heavily since they know very well that her state of health is not stable at all.
Kiiza said that the officers she talked to, told her that the cancellation of Nambooze’s bond followed the new orders they received stopping them from giving bonds to murder suspects.
The kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owesigire was not available for a comment by publication time.
The developments come hours after president Museveni warning against releasing suspected killers on police bonds and court bails.
Police early this week said in a statement that they have opened up investigation against four people for misusing computers.

It should be noted that after age limit removal Nambooze made public statements even on her facebook page that those who supported age limit will be punished by aggrieved members of the public.

Peng peng released a video  cautioning other members of the ruling party NRM after the assassination of Abiriga .
Mr Mugerwa is alleged to have released an audio urging Abiriga killers to look for more NRM MPs while Kuli allegedly posted a message on Facebook, saying the deceased would be killed in the first week of June.

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