How Al-shabab Ambushed UPDF Convoy In Somalia.


The plane carrying bodies of fallen military services men touched ground at the UPDF airbase in Entebbe at around 2.35pm local time.

The attack that killed at least 12 soldiers was carried out by the Al-qaeda linked Al-shabab Militants in Somalia.

How the Attack Unfolded.

The Al-shabab staged the ambush in a village near Golweyn Village, 120 kilometers south of Mogadishu targeting AMISOM supply convoy of 24 vehicles as they approached Bull Marer town.

The militants planted an EID (Improvised Explosive Devise) on the road that detonated the lead vehicles before engaging soldiers in a fierce protracted fight.

Based on reports from locals, the Al-shabab pinned the military and put up strong fight for more than an hour until AU forces retrieved. Resident of Jeerow village told Voice of America that they saw Al-Shabab fighters dragging the lifeless bodies of two unidentified soldiers.

Controversial Figures of the Dead

Apart from confirming the attack, Colonel Hassan Mohamed did not provide any information pertaining to the attack. Uganda’s ministry of Defense said in a statement that its soldiers were part of the AMISOM convoy that came under attack and could not ascertain the number of soldiers dead at the time. The Army now confirms 12 soldiers perished.

Al-Shabab’s spokesman claimed the armed group killed 39 African Union troop on an affiliated radio station. “The Mujahedeen fighters stood over the Dead bodies of soldiers, among them senior commanders”, Abdiaziz Abu Muzad told Andalusia radio.

However, the deputy governor of Lower Anabelle region told Reuters: “we have carried 23 dead AMISOM troops and one Somali soldier from the scene where the Al-Shahab ambushed AMISOM today”. He says the politicization of the rebuilding of Somali national Army has led to in fights within the force creating a vacuum in the troops’ capability to operate alongside AU troops. This has strengthened Al-Shabab’s grip within the region which has experienced multiple attacks of that nature.

updfdead bodies returned

Photo: UPDF receiveing Bodies of fallen comrades.

Just like any of the previous attacks, concerned Ugandans are questioning the real official number of dead troops.

Meanwhile, back at home (Uganda), the UPDF spokesperson said an inquiry has been launched to examine circumstances that led to the Sunday Attack.


BY Patrick Eretu


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