How IGG is constructing shs2b House in Kololo



By Andrew Visper

The Inspectorate General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza, has quietly constructed a mega mansion in Kampala’s high-end suburb, Kololo.

The palatial residential house sits on two plots, 31 and 39 along Rigeway Drive just opposite Bank of Uganda Emmanuel Mutebile’s ‘palace’ on Kololo Hill.

The storeyed house basically counts on half an acre with an extended wall fence which is being worked on. The house is about to be completed and occupied.

It is among the expensive, spacious and one of the most luxurious mansions in Kololo.

Land Value;
A plot of land, 50 by 100 is valued at $500000 in Kololo, revealing that Mulyagonja’s land on which the house sits could be estimated at $1m which is equivalent to shs 3.6b.

According to the land valuewer who ask to the identity, told pressug, estimated that Ms. Mulyagonja could have sunk in shs 2b into a house during its construction basing on the raised prices of materials including those that are imported.

The investigations reviewed to understands that the Inspectorate of Government first demolished a structure which existed on the land where he has erected the house.
“It was an old mansion roofed with green iron sheets,” the valuer said.

It remains unknown whether she owned the land at a time she was serving in judiciary or she has acquired it during her tenure as the IGG.

She currently faces immense criticism from the President for failing her mandate to fight corruption.

Twice President has lambasted her in public as having been infiltrated by “kawukumu.”

As the investigations continue we didn’t ascertain is whether Mulyagonja has declared this property to her office as all civil servants are supposed to submit a list of their wealth to the IG.

A section of junior workers in the Inspectorates office accuse her of misusing her office and have since invited a parallel unit from State House headed by Col. Edith Nakalema to investigate the IGG.

This comes the to plate while Mulyagonja’s term of office will end next year and with no hopes of renewal, the IG already applied for a new job as Justice of Court of Appeal.

What else remains unknown is whether the Inspectorate acquired a loan, saved the money from her salary to erect this expansive mansion

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