October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

How Science Becomes Sports, Victoria University Takes Lead In Sports Physiology


Summary: “When you look at player all you see is game and their Health but you never focus about the brain in that body and that Brian is very important physiology”
According to Victoria University Vice Chancellor associate professor Dr. Krishna N Sharma while appearing  on the local radio station KFM said that sports goes direct in mind before the game, during the game and after the game.
He added that in Uganda we started  experience it through  Uganda cricket association and some feedback in sports physiology was registered.  The physiology keeps changing, which is  ignored most times.
Research has shown that physiology is equally important as   skills and training .
world Health organization (WHO) said that ‘the state of health  is mental physiology, physical, social and sports a pears in all of this and Victoria University we supposed to build up holistic graduate, we have to tune out graduate who are going to achieve” Sharma Said
However, physiology deals with stress, depression, social well being, sports and national pride in all countries. Sports is scientific as Victoria University we supposed to fit in strategy of national sports and help them make sports more science rather than making it out second.
“90 percent players played in the head, 10 percent is real just a skill both cricket and other games it’s about how mentally stronger. In September last year Victoria University started a relationship with Uganda cricket association to teach sports phycology” Sharma Said
He added that we are very much interested in doing that and to be honest Uganda cricket association was just beginning. If we talk about sports phycology people think being fun and etc but it’s same as physical health, we have plans to help other federations and other association and much after given free training on sport phycology and it’s our responsibility as community as well.
“I invite the teams out there or regulated bodies. Let’s meet and togather we strategy the sports phycology and trust me it’s going to add allot and allot of value but at the same time we not put all our efforts on phycology but we train how you keep you body and allot change and update to move more Sports science in all the areas” Sharma Said
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