October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

Human rights defenders and activist launch a violation profile book for litigation



Different Human Rights lawyers and activists have on Thursday morning launched a book where different Ugandans who were tortured, rights violated in different ways will register and be helped to pursue justice.


The Alternative Socio-Political Movement, Poor Youth Movement, The Jobless brotherhood and Redtop brigade and other concerned Ugandans were among the activists who convened at Emerald Hotel to launch the book dubbed “SPEAK UP AGAINST TORTURE”.


Addressing journalists, Mr. Oyine Kenneth a lawyer from Kiiza and Mugisha Advocates where the book is to be stationed said that, they have decided to, work with activists because, they are one of the most affected groups of people.


Different victims holding placards with anti-torture messages displayed medical documents of their health status. A case in a point is Mutebi Edrisa, one of the most tortured victims during Kaihura regime told the media that, he was tortured during Kaihura Kale regime and up to date, he can nolonger perform marital duties.


“I wasn’t born like, I can nolonger engage myself in sexual relationship, my private parts were destroyed, my life is at stake because a one Martin Kimbowa from flying squad who together with Herbert Muhangi who ruined my life is enjoying his liberty as I continue to suffer in pain” Mutebi one of the victims told journalists.


They have also called on western world not only to sanction Kaihura but also other officers like Peter Elweru who led massacre in Kasese.


Activists want other governments to copy the same and on addition to stop funding police and army budgets, claiming the said money hasn’t served its purpose but instead it has been diverted to torturing Ugandans.


They have vowed to retrieve charges against Kaihura which were foiled when he was still the IGP.


“We are also in the process of reviving the foiled litigation that was ongoing against General kale Kayihura in 2015, when he mobilized goons to attack the temple of justice and will be filing in the courts soon in that respect” Ms Bikobere Faridah, acting spokesperson of The Alternative notified.


In their joint statement activists said that, there will always be a time for everyone to carry their own cross and pay for all the wrongs h/she committed. “You can run but you can’t hide, it is time for each of them pay for their wrongs” Mayanja Robert, The Operations Coordinator of the Jobless brotherhood noted.

Ssempala Zaidi, the spokesperson of the Poor Youth Movement welcomed sanctions of government of the United States of America (USA) for taking bold action against the former Inspector General of Police and appreciate efforts of the EU envoy but tasked them to confiscate and bring back the stolen money and resources back to Uganda.


Kiiza and Mugisha Advocates have appealed to all willing victims of torture, to report to their chambers and registered their ordeal for justice


Kafeero Charles Mutaasa the team leader of redtop brigade who doubles as one of the victims displayed scars sustained while in Nalufenya torture chambers.

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