By Jael Namiganda
Ugandans have been urged to be vigilant on who recruits them for work abroad.
Moses Binogwa the commissioner of police in charge of counter human trafficking in the ministry of internal affairs.
while addressing a news conference Binoga said that human trafficking is on a rise while a number of people are recruited through illegal companies that promise people jobs abroad especially in the middle east countries but are instead forced into prostitution when they get there.
Binogwa says over 48 criminal cases have been registered from the 121 victims of trafficking for the last past six month of the year and have intercepted over 140 people at all Ugandan boarder posts.
He stresses that they are working with various state holders to ensure these illegal companies are closed down.
He however called upon people to use registered companies for abroad employment, report companies that are noticed  as frauds and work with police, ministry of  gender Labour and social development to ensure they work through the right avenues.


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