July 12, 2020
July 12, 2020

Hydrocephalus (water in head) , Spina Bifida on raise, women urged to take folic acid before conceiving



By Ronald Kabuye
The public has been urged to join the fight against Hydrocehalus and Spina Bifida defect which are as a result of abnormal water in the head which cause the head to grow big and spina code problem respectively.
The two conditions are much in children with the current stastics indicating that 3600-5400 are the children born or acquire Hydrochalus anaully as per 2018 research however only  951 got surgical services and treatment while 600 to 800 is the estimated number of people who acquire Spina Bifida however only 182 got treatment from Cure hospital which is the only hospital that works on the two defects.
According to Ruth Nalugya, the Executive Director Shyne Spina Bifida and Hydrocehalous networking, the treatment and life style is too expensive with surgery  the costing at least 1515 dollars.
She said that stigmatization is also a big challenge to the parents and children since the public isolates them, perceive the condition as a curse in addition to insulting them.
Other challenges include social economy broken down, lack of political will, limited knowledge about prevention and management and limited access to social services.

Ruth has also revealed that they are faced with commercialization of persons with this condition by laying them on the streets.
Its on the above note she appealed to the children protection agencies and social workers to work with them to fight the habit since it violates children’s rights.

The two condition can be prevented by taking folic acid before conceiving, delivering in health care units, keeping the baby clean, feeding on fortified food and nutritious food, rehabilitation, loving and exposed the affected.
Failure to treat the Hydrocehalus condition leads to eclipse, blindness, death, difficulty in breathing, the head growing big while with spina bifida one cannot control stool, urine and male can’t erect.

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