I Cant ReUnite With Daddy Destiny Says Winnie Nwagi



“When I noticed I was pregnant I got shocked and talked to my friends about it who gave me different advices including terminating the pregnancy I couldnt hold the situation I told my boyfriend about it and he was unhappy he also suggested abortion a thing that I heartily refuted immediately I told him if he wasnt ready to be a father to leave me take care of myself

He chose to disappear and I was in solitude through out my pregnancy I started hustling doing all kind of jobs After when I gave birth he came back pleading to me to get back to him a thing that I denied and I told him we should only focus on raising our child narrates Nwagi

After denying his pleading the guy also refused to take care of the child So its now Winnie Nwagi taking all the responsibilities including paying school fees

Question: Was Nwagi right when she turned down Taata Destiny s request of re-union?

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