October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020

I Dont Do Music For Fame , Singer Autarchii Reveals


1. Can you tell us about yourself.
Autarchii is a conscious musician who believes that music is community service in the form of melodies. Many sing just for fame but I do it because I know my word, sound and power can uplift mankind, in particular my African brothers and sisters. Besides music I do a lot of community development work.
2. When did you start singing? 
I started writing music and singing informally at the age 11. However, professionally I started singing in 2012.
3. What songs have you recorded so far? 
I have recorded and released a lot of songs thus far. Most notable to many people are: Grow, Shashamane Living, Cure My Pain, My first studio album called “Land of the Free”, and the most recent hit “Black Beauty.”
4. Are you married or single? 
I am a private person to a certain extent, so I wouldn’t reveal this answer.
5. Can you tell us about your love life? 
If you want to know more about my love life you can listen to ‘Black Beauty’ or watch the official music video for clues.
6. What are some of the challenges you meet? 
Along this musical journey I have met quite a few obstacles. The challenges that stand out to me the most are not getting any airplay simply because my name is not as well known as other artists and also coordinating and finding the adequate resources needed to complete several projects.
7. Do you have any collaborations? 
Yes. Recently I did a collaboration with my father, Donovan Joseph, on a song called ‘Howellites’ which tells a vital story that the world needs to hear. I also have a collaboration on my record label with the legendary Big Youth, that song is called ‘2000 Years’.
8. Where do you plan to be in the next five years? 
If I can see where I will be in the next five years then my vision wouldn’t be big enough. I have no limit as it relates to music and I assure you that the world will hear my sounds by any means necessary.
9. Do you have any advice for young upcoming musicians who want to be like you? 
I advise all young upcoming musicians to study their craft thoroughly. Don’t get blinded by the bright lights and ensure you know exactly why you are doing the music. Musicians are the keepers of the gate and if we don’t play our roles correctly the earth has a possibility of being unbalanced for much longer.



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