I started singing at 4 years, Jamaican Singer Empress Minott Reveals

Writtedn By Omusawo Tintah Deogratius 1. Salamu na Asante kwa kuwa na mimi kwenye jukwaa lako. Jina langu ni Empress Minott, Multi Award Winning singer/songwriter/author/entrepreneur born and raised in the Beautiful Island of Jamaica and currently based in Canada. 

 I started singing at  4 years, Jamaican Singer Empress Minott Reveals
2. I started singing at the tender age of 4 years old. I did not know I would have became a Singer one day. It all started when I was at work singing for my co-workers as usual and this one young man said to me "what are you doing here? Why don't you go and study the business and do it professionally? You sing so well". So, I took his advice and started singing professionally in the year 2006 but, I was writing RnB Music which wasn't sitting too well with my spirit because they weren't songs that a child could listen to so I was still searching. In the year 2007, I went to Jamaica and was given my first Reggae Riddim by one of my cousin George Prophet; I wrote my very first Reggae song called "Stumbling Blocks". When I was done with the song and I saw how people were reacting to it, I said "Yes" and that made my spirit very happy so I continued to write Reggae music from that day on. 
3. So far I have recorded my independent Album called the "Natural Healer" and a slew of singles to date. The most popular ones among them are Stumbling Blocks, Shine, Doing It, You Can, Stop Di Fighting, More Than Love and my latest release called CHANGE. 
4. No I am not married, I am preserving myself for my King.
5. My love life is something I never shared to the public. I consider that to be a private part of my life until my Husband's title is official. 
6. The main challenges I had was being looked at like a piece of meat or Producers wouldn't voice me because I wasn't known. These are the same things that propelled me to learn the business and produce most of my own music. I don't get those treatments anymore because they know I'm not who they perceive me to be. 
7. So far I collaborated with Loyal Flames (Reggae)  and Razor B ( dancehall). I do have some more collaborations in the near future and I would also like to do some collaborations with some of the Afro Artists. I Love Afro beats.
8. Five years from now I would like to see more growth in my music as well as my businesses. I would also like to become an household name globally. One of my biggest goal is to travel the World and uplift our Youths who are often lack of love and direction. They are the Future so they must be socio economically fit and ready to be great men and women of society. 
9. My first advice is to study the business, surround  yourself with like minded people; learn the ins and outs. Secondly, remember that you are only going to use your Talent and not your body. If one door closes because you refused, just know that many more will be opened and the greatest door to open is your own. Nuff Love and Blessings to you and the People of Uganda it was my utmost pleasure. Thanks again for having me.