I want to stand for presidency in 2021, finally Gen. Muntu admits



By Ronald Kabuye
Former president of the Forum for Democratic Change FDC and now the founder of New Formation retired Maj.Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu Oyera has finally revealed that he wants to stand for president in 2021.
Muntu however said that having ambitions for standing for president and getting there are total different since the later involves building capabilities while the former, one just vies anyhowly (it stops at carrying a party flag).
“I have ambition for standing in 2021 but we can’t just focus on 2021. We want to build the party first, brand ourselves to attract people, capabilities and after that is done we shall look at the elections.” said Muntu
He added that the new formation which shall be launched as a party in December, focuses at recruiting from the bigger percentage that don’t want to cast votes, those who have left politics and the ruling National Resistance Movement NRM.
Muntu also believes that once they build a credible, focused, critical, United party and give leadership skills to the their members even the security agencies that are purported to be pro NRM will support them since they will have a vibrant party.
“I know we are going to be a vibrant party, the future belongs to us. I have never bothered about the skepticism of people. I have lived my life through that, I know that if we the leaders of the new formation make mistakes, the young people in the party can break off and move” said Muntu
On the national dialogue as organized by the Elders Forum and the Inter Religious Council of Uganda, Muntu described it as unstructured thus can’t solve the deeper seated problems of Ugandan.
This while on NBS morning breeze show.

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