By Kabuye Ronald

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament and also Democratic Party DP vice president Buganda region Betty Bakileke Nambooze says she will abide by the wrongful summons by DP NEC to appear before the party’ disciplinary committee on the 20th of this month notwithstanding the absence official summons.

While addressing a news conference in Nsambya Nambooze said the party’ summons to her through the press as a big opportunity for  her and other DP likeminded leaders and members to tell off the party president Norbert Mao their grievances and let him know that they have strong case against him.

Nambooze also appealed to those that the party alleges to have pardoned to dismiss the offer since their acceptance labels them as convicts.

She further urged Mao to prepare a big venue that will accommodate over 10,000 witnesses she intends to come along with and a team of 50 lawyers since the constitution states that the tribunal shall be in the open.

In the same manner Nambooze has dismissed allegations of working for the four time presidential aspirant Dr. Kiiza Besigye but conceded to working with all likeminded people advocating for democracy and rule of law in the country.

She further unveiled the programme to traverse the whole country in the name of making DP again starting with greater Masaka on the 22nd, greater luweero on the 27th of this month and Gulu on the 6th may.

Preaching the gospel of their six reforms which include re-instilling the spirit of truth and justice through introducing a code of conduct for leaders and members, reforming the constitution, rebranding the party, reconstruction of party structures and recruitment of new members, resolving conflicts and reconcile members and regain public trust to take state power.

Meanwhile Kabalangala police led by its O/C Omonyi George invaded the press conference before claiming that the police had not been notified about the same which resulted in scuffle between police, Nambooze and her followers. However after the officer making several calls he allowed the presser to go on.

The situation wasn’t that different from the one at St. Matia Mulumba Martin Road in Kampala were police stopped a meeting by a DP faction Truth and Justice TJ led by the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago on grounds that it was illegal.

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