July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020

I will not loose focus on fighting corruption- IGG



By Adrew Visper
The Inspectorate of Government, Justice Irene Mulyagonja isn’t seated and taking lightly a tirade of outbursts unleashed by the Head of State against her institution.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been expressing displeasure at the IG for failing on her mandate of fighting corruption. This comes into formation of two parallel units from State House and are directly answerable to Museveni.

But one of the units which gives the IG’s office sleepless nights is the Anti-Corruption Unit headed by Lt. Col Edith Nakalema.

This unit with a few resources, and limited manpower to shake the officers in the ‘corrupt world’ unlike previously even with the existence of the IGG.

The Nakalema’s unit has already birth results by leading operations in arresting and jailing corrupt civil servants in the country.

Its latest operations were the arrest of Lyantonde RDC and raiding Post Bank, arresting and handing over the culprits to relative authorities and they have since been remanded to Luzira.

Others who have suffered the iron hand of Lt. Col. Nakalema are officials at Lands Ministry who recently were sent to Luzira Prison including Undersecretary, valuer and auditor.

Shockingly, all the arrests and investigation initiated by Nakalema don’t stem from new cases. They are old cases which were reported to the IGG and her office either chose to ignore or was an interested party.

On Thursday last week while IGG appeared before the media ahead of the Common wealth Anti-Corruption Conference which she hosted, Justice Mulyagonja argued that her office doesn’t document its works in the media.

She said every 3 months her office submits 6 reports to Parliament over corruption.

However, a source in government wondered why the IGG has never prosecuted and jailed any officer as per her mandate.

“Yes she submits reports but do the reports matter. People want to see results. Imagine her office is supposed to arrest and jail but all she says is reports,” wondered a high ranking official.

Plot on Nakalema
Envied for her work, officials in the Inspectorate’s office have designed a well thought-about master plan to drag Nakalema in the mix.

“IGG and her team is very unhappy especially seeing that Nakalema has support of the media and other authorities. As a result, officials at Jubilee House have criticized Nakalema that she is always going for ‘small fish’,” said the source at IG’s office who reqested not be mentioned.

Sources from the Government officials wondering if the the IGG insists that her office is still relevant, how come she has not even recovered any property from the culprits.

“Seeing that Nakelema has shaken the institution and consistently receives praises from the President, IGG and her team has initiated a strategy to ‘crash’ her”

Source reviewed that, IGG and her team started a clandestine operation of financing a media campaign portraying the Inspectorate as a victim and haunted by the ‘powers that be.’

Nakalema giving IGG sleepless nights
In their campaign, they drag in Nakalema’s unit as repeating same investigations which were previously handled by the IGG and that in so doing, Nakalema is wasting taxpayer’s cash.

“Individuals welcomes the Anti-Corruption Unit as working because of media publicity. Whenever they go to take a particular action, they seem to move with the media to publicise their work but IGG doesn’t work in the media. Nakalema has very few staff and the people actually arrested, results taken out of tip-off. I am yet to see them work on issues of sophisticated corruption.

“Any form of sophistication has to go digital by the unit finding people who have done cyber corruption,” this was comments and allegations that appeared in the media and the social media which many believe was planted by the team at Jubilee House to demonize Nakalema.

“The pressure from the public could cause disbandment of Nakalema’s unit,” a source said.

However, this website is informed that the IG’s team, miscalculated.

With inefficiency the Inspectorate has exhibited, there is no way, the President can renew her contract which is left with only a year to expire.

“What has she done? At least Justice Faith Mwondha shook politicians. For Mulyagonja she should prepare to return to court,” an official said.

When reached for a comment on the increasing attack on the institution by the President, IGG’s spokeswoman Ali Munira said he was hold up in a meeting.

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