I Wont Do Any Interviews About The Fille Issue”MC KATS”



Popular city events emcee, MC Kats, real name #EdwinKatamba, has refused to be interviewed by media houses following a bitter fight he had with her fiancée Fille over the weekend.

While hosting his NBS After5 show yesterday, Kats said that several media houses had called him up for an interview about the incident but turned them down.

“I had to switch off my phone today because of the several media houses that were calling me for interviews.” He said, before adding; “whatever happened between me and my baby mama is our private life and not for public to know. I respect my baby mama and I’ll keep it like that.”

However, DJ Roja went ahead to ask Kats to give a brief recap of what happened something that pissed him off and responded by telling Roja to shut up.

It should be noted that MC Kats has been blamed for putting the saga in the spotlight after he quickly shared pictures of him with bruises on social media following his fight with FILLE MUSIC UG.

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