By Kabuye Ronald

The International criminal court ICC has acknowledged receipt of the Kasese region members of parliament petition against president Museveni, the second division UPDF commander Brigadier Peter Elwelu and the head of operation in Uganda police force Asuman Mugenyi for master minding the Kasese Massacre.

This has been revealed in the press conference hold today by Kasese Region MPs led by the leader of opposition in parliament Hon. Winnie Kiiza who exhibited the communication from the ICC registry responding to their petition though at this point it is perceived as a communication until the office of the ICC prosecutor concludes the investigation.

Kiiza said that nobody can compromise them or stop the progress of the matter at this point since its no longer in their hand before adding that it’s now time to test the credibility of ICC and incase it fails to pursue the matter at a hand they will not hesitate to join those that are agitating for the withdraw from the same court.

“Yesterday the 3rd of January 2017, ICC responded acknowledging receipt of our petition, just like president museveni we condemn the impunity and that’s why we per sued this matter in the neutral court because we believe its government that killed the people and so can’t take the same matter to Ugandan courts.

The matter in jinja magistrates court is about the killing of the 16 security officers and ours is about the 100’s of innocent people who were killed, undressed and brutally murdered in cold blood” said Kiiza

“We are ready to pay the price because we know the regime that we are dealing with, already one of our lawyer Samuel Muyizi has tested it on the 31st of December 2016 when he was attacked and strangled before the attackers followed him for negotiation not to send in this petition to the ICC but fortunately it had been sent already on the 23rd of the same month” she added

Kiiza also appealed to public not to affiliate the petition to politics and religion or regions but rather join them in making history that will stop similar atrocities even after museveni regime.

In the same manner the Kasese Municipality MP Hon. Robert Franco Centenary, Busongora County North MP Hon William Nzoghu and Bukonzo West MP Hon. Katushabe Atkins described this as a moment of truth and vowed to stand by petition even when it costs them their lives.

“I request President Museveni to respect the judicial process at all levels just like he requested us when we met him” said Robert Centenary

“With or without us the petitioners, the petition will progress and investigation will be done, so there is no need for the state to intimidate, harass, arrest or do any malicious thing against us. In any case if this regime was civilized, they should have sought for the arrest of those they killed since they were not armed, others were workers in the palace while others were members of the royal family.

What are demonstrating to our relatives that were massacred that this is the best we can do for them.” Said William Nzoghu

“to our security officers be aware that whatever you do you will individually suffer the consequences, its your freedom to choose your reckless action but it will not be your freedom to survive those actions” Said Katushabe Atkins.

Meanwhile their lawyers led by Samuel Muyizi and Hon. Wilfred Niwagaba the Ndorwa East MP described this petition as bullet which can’t be pulled back once triggered.

They added that major reason as to why they resorted to ICC is because crimes committed in kasese tantamount to genocide and that the Uganda’ constitution doesn’t allow to try the sitting president.

Niwagaba added that it high time ICC prevails over African presidents especially those that came in power by blood shade since they never cease to shade blood.


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