In Venezuela, impeachment move prompts protest at National Assembly


Tensions between the government and the opposition are sky high after a drive to hold a recall referendum on Maduro has been halted.

Venezuelan lawmakers have announced they plan to push for impeachment proceedings against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

In a special session on Sunday, the Venezuelan National Assembly, which is made up mostly of opposition parliamentarians, approved a measure that declared “there has been a breakdown of constitutional order and a continued state of coup led from the highest level of government by President Nicolas Maduro.”

This impeachment drive prompted a group of government supporters to storm the Venezuelan National Assembly building on Sunday afternoon, opposition legislators told CNN.

It is unlikely that any measures passed by the National Assembly will get traction in the courts, mostly made up of Maduro supporters.

But the protesters broke into the assembly meeting hall, stole cell phones from opposition lawmakers, threw punches and vandalized the building. Security guards tried to stop them from pushing their way to the main floor, but couldn’t stop the mob, opposition legislators said.

Pro-government lawmakers were finally able to persuade the protesters to stop the attack and leave the building.



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