October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

Inadquate Funding Of Private Education Institutions Resulting To Development Of Dilapidated Cumpuses In The Country


┬áSummary: “It cited among major factors contributing to migration of students from Uganda to abroad to look for better academic systems”
Among other factors including the thinking that the degree aquired aboroad is far better and of value than the one obtained at home.
The remarks have been made by Professor Opuda Asibo John shortly after bieng inaugurated as the new Chancellor for Victoria University.
He says, if the government could ably support private education institutions, Uganda’s education systems would be better and the number of students who go abroad for education purpose will significantly reduce.
He has also noted that if the government had developed a better privete eduction sector, Catastrophes like Corona Virus wouldn’t affect a section of Ugandan who left the country for studying a broad.
As a graduate with a viterinary medical degree from Makerere University, Professor Opuda Asibo also holds a master degree of public health degree and a phD degree in Microbiology, Epidemiology and Public health, both from the University of Minnesota in USA.
His Public Health training has provided him with multi-sectoral knowledge application in Epidemiology ( observational and analytical), Administration, Economics, Education and Governance.
Professor John Opuda-Asibo, has experience in Education, Science, Cooperation, institutional Collaboration and Coordination, Negotiation, Dialogue, Cultural Interaction, Publishing, Grants awarding, Scientific Research, Organising and Charing meetings, Harmonization of Curricula and Educational Systems the latter as a member of the Top Management Committee of the Ministry of Education, Government of Uganda
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