October 28, 2020
October 28, 2020

Innovation Village Hub Launches Game Changers Roadshow, Targets 300,000 Business Young Enterpreneurs


CK Japheth - CEO & founder of the Innovation Village at the launch of the Game Changers Roadshow
The one man’s plan behind the innovation Village hub, CK Japheth, the founder and also the Hub CEO told the media that Uganda is likely to face jobless challenges due to little mind set optioned to business entrepreneurs.
Japheth Said that business entrepreneur is the only solution for the Jobless Youth because Government can’t afford jobs for every Ugandans.
He say’s o day, we launched the “Game Challenger’s Roadshow” which are saying, entrepreneurship innovation just here in Kampala is the same youngentrepreneurship we have in Guru, Jinja, Mbarara, Lira, Masaka etc. Giving example,two weeks age in Jinja at 9:00PM, driving at streets “Jinja” as we try to understand the spirit of the town you find youth in a group standing in the dark very comfortable and you ask your self what’s this young people/generation trying to do?
“What we are looking in game Changers Roadshow, it’s an equal opportunity for entrepreneurs across the country not just in Kampala, everything have been learn for the past three years, it’s our time to go out of the region and begin creat opportunities for entrepreneurs in other regions” Said Japheth
” We going to build physical innovation in this very town, Guru, Jinja, Mbarara, this out first ever five year project out side Kampala region with target audience of 300,000 young entrepreneurs country wide interested in business, asking them and giving them help and say dear our young entrepreneurs, what’s your biggest idea? How do want to be helped? How do you want to create opportunities for other youth and how do want to build your own business and we saying have a home at innovation Village and in that home you will be supported by capital and other special Partners you need in business and it’s our time the youths to change our mind from politics to business” Said Japheth

How do we ensure that the business you operating is the business that are solving problems from communities and also competing at regional and world at large. So here at innovation hub we have more than 2000 youth we deal with on daily basis to help them realising the potential they have in terms of business.

” We are looking at things any young entrepreneurs in business needs to develop on high speed and long lasting, access to capital, partnership because you can’t do business without, good deal in business and none good deals in business, access to community with other entrepreneurs to help and work with your company”
For example, w launched a program that working with “Refugees” how do we use technology to support refugee community compared to business includes; kumi kumi connects refugee potential to the markets, technology to look at SDG’s and done drstractive challenge for agriculture with ministry of agriculture and tge world bank.
However, the most important thing is that when you look at young people of Uganda, “they have potential and creative in business entrepreneurs” we want to get into how we can support them after realising that in heart potential.
“What a shock!! Yesterday i received a call a mother who’s daughter just graduated and she told me you saw my daughter joining class one school at age of childhood up to now help her to get job, as soon as put my phone down, she was out side my office and brought her CV for work. Many looking for jobs yet entrepreneurs hub is providing a new alternative, 55% are under ’18’ the population is big, how do we help them with relevant skills they need to develop in the first moving world” Said Japheth
He adds that the average Ugandans are ’15’ years Girls, so how do we pay attention to realised their special inspiration and future dreams, we know they don’t have capital but how they can get them, and build stronger business with much contribution to the growth of country economy.
Meanwhile the five-year project has received US$12 million (about Shs44 billion). In the first year, he said, “about a billion shillings” will be spent on different activities, including offering grants and mentoring entrepreneurs.
By 2024, officials say, they hope the initiative will have birthed over 60,000 indirect jobs, skilled 230,000 young people and facilitated over 160,000 new linkages.
In the past 5 years, it has hosted a considerable number of locally-grown startups in the country, including Xente, Yunga, Wazi Vision.
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