Eddy Kenzo

Ugandan Multi-award winning singer, Edirisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has established himself as one Uganda’s top musicians.

The 2015 BET Viewers’ Choice Best International Artiste award winner, whose music has received massive airplay in Uganda and got him international recognition, spoke to ChimpLyf’s Najib Yiga in an exclusive interview recently about his life and music.

Here are the excerpts:

How did your life change after winning the BET award?

My life changed a lot, you know after winning the award, I got so many business opportunities, I got respect and legacy that will leave on forever. So in short my life changed completely from bad to good.

Do you feel like you have accomplished all your dreams in music after winning the BET Award?

No yet, that was just part of them, but I think my dreams are not just about winning awards. My dream is to be a great artiste of all time and the hardest thing is maintaining it but I want to be an inspirational artiste, record breaker.

You have fans both here in Uganda and internationally. Which fan base do you think likes you most?

They all like me but it depends. The international audience take long to see me and that’s why they get emotional when the get to see me, but my local fans have seen me for too many years I think somehow they are used to me but they also love me and they raised me.

Should we expect another more international collabos this year?

Yes a lot of collabos are coming this year. I have some that I have already recorded, I have a song with Kofi Olamide, Iyanya and so many other international artistes

What qualities must an artiste have to do a collabo with you?

There are no conditions, just talent matters, if he or she can sing well, then I can do a song with him. I don’t ask for any penny.

What are your top five Ugandan songs at the moment?

My top five are Musawo by Winnie Nwagi, So Nice by Lutalo, Tuli Maje by Ziza Bafana, Njogereza by Navio and Tebyansala by Lady Titie

Who are your top five Ugandan artistes at the moment?

Well I will say Winnie Nwagi, Ziza Bafana, Lady Titie she has a very nice song I like it, Rema Namakula and Sheeba

Who rules Uganda’s music industry at the moment?

Of course Kenzo nobody else, I think I have been ruling the industry since 2013 so basically I rule the industry even now.

What challenges are you facing as one of the top artistes at the moment?

You know all eyes on me, the competition is too much, and it is not healthy in Uganda so many people are fighting to put me down by force. Not all people love me.

How do u describe the Ugandan music industry at the moment? Is it developing?

Yes it is developing, there is too much hard work at the moment, artistes are working hard and the competition is getting stiffer.

Are you recruiting new artistes in Big Talent after parting ways with Tip and Geosteady?

We have many artistes in Big Talent at the moment, we are still grooming them into becoming great singers but new artistes are welcome to join the record label.

We heard you have a battle with David Lutalo. Tell us more about it.

There is no any battle, I have no idea about it, and no one has ever approached me about it

Tell us about your upcoming concert.

Yes my concert is coming in September on 2nd.  We want to prepare it so well that is why we announced so early to make preparations; it is going to be massive. It will be held at Hotel Africana, the people’s place.

Are wedding bells ringing for you and Rema?

I don’t have that in my mind but I think that is coming in future, I have it in thoughts but not now, when time reaches I will tell you.

What are your last words to the fans?

They should work hard to live a better life because life is good when you work hard and you earn everything. And also I appreciate the love they show me and that they should continue supporting me.


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