Investigate Uganda police and judiciary Over Equal Justice


Democratic Party (DP) chairperson Buikwe district Dr Micheal Lulume Bayiga has appealed to legislators to constitute a committee to investigate on Uganda police force and judiciary to preserve, protect the constitution and ensuring justice specifically within civilians. Speaking to media Lulume said, both police and judiciary lack Independency because they are sometimes operate unconstitutional due to the influence of government officials and other state security agencies leading, disrespect of constitution, human Rights violation, high rate of corruption and injustice. He noted that, the masses have lost hope in police and judiciary according the way executing their work adding that he was illegally arrested and detained last month while holding a health camp at Buikwe district during the Uganda medical associations (UMA) sit down strike. He further asserts that these agencies are partisans especially in issues favouring government citing out the current amendment proposal of the constitution pointing to the article 102b seeking to lift presidential age limit whereby by the opponents have been arrested and detained, beaten, involved in brutal acts, denied access to speech to the public among others.


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