October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020

Is it a Constitutional right to practice a profession and be an activist at the same time? Prof. Kanyeihamba answers the question.


Many people including Journalists have on several occasions attacked fellow Journalists for being activists at the same time practicing the profession, Professor Kanyeihamba says that it is actually illegal and unconstitutional for every professional not to be an activist.

Prof. Dr. George W. Kanyeihamba’s legal knowledge, authority, analysis and observation can never be undermined, for having served as both seasoned activist and professional legal practitioner after serving at different legal capacities including at the Supreme Court of Uganda.

While speaking to our reporter at his Buziga residence, the outspoken professor says that what helped him to be successful in Law, was his natural positive attitude towards activism and that if any one claims to be a professional and deals in Human Rights matters and can’t be an activist, then that person is a mediocre.

“If you are a Lawyer, Journalist or handle issues of human rights and you can’t be an activist, then you are in a wrong profession” Justice Kanyeihamba noted.


The two months internationally recognized president as His Excellence the extraordinary says that one to understand how the society is being affected by the happenings, one has to become an activist.

“I became the Extraordinary president in 1968 Tehran UN human rights declaration after exhibiting my activism even when I wasn’t on the speaker list but I moved a motion to honor Martin Luther King who had been assassinated but no one in the room had remembered him” Prof Kanyeihamba emphasizes.

He says that, throughout his legal practice, activism shaped his profession to the extent that his Judgments are quoted as authorities not only in Uganda, but also globally.

“I have been involved in the formulations of different Human Rights Charters and different constitutions but I have never heard or read anywhere, somebody is barred from being an activist because of his/her profession. The most important thing here is you remaining the professional while executing your duties” The professor of law adds.

He holds a Ph.D. in law from the University of Warwick and in 2008, Warwick awarded him an honorary Doctor of Laws (LLD)

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