Israel MPs to sue Ugandan gov’t over refugee crisis



By Ronald Kabuye

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC asserts that  government especially people that are managing the refugee department have turned it into a business.

This has been revealed by the party publicist Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda who said that he met with two Israel member of parliament who are investigating the secret repatriation and deportation of refugees to Uganda in exchange for money.

“government should stop turning refugees in a commodities, why profit out of people’s misery by negotiating to get money out of the vulnerable souls” said Nganda

The two Israel member of parliament are also planning to sue both Uganda and Israel government for profiting in refugees especially with purported evidence of unclear documentation found with some of the refugees.

in addition FDC through  Hon. Ssemujju will table a motion  in parliament on the same this week to have government  account and individuals heading the department to be investigated and prompt action be taken rather than acting in the dark.

FDC now questions what the status of such refugees will be in uganda and how a poor country Uganda welcomes refugees yet a rich country like Israel is sending away the 40,000 refugees.

Ssemujju also partly attributed the problems in the refugee department to the aged ministers who can not ably supervise the ministry.
Meanwhile FDC has called on Ugandans to join their blood donation campaigns scheduled for this Wednesday at their party headquarters.
It has further appealed to its supporters to join them for hon. Paul Mwiru nomination for the Jinja east member of parliament by elections.

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