By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The government through her minister of disaster preparedness Musa Echeru has revealed that they are in positive final discussions with the government of Israel to relocate over 500 refugees of South Sudan and Eritrean origin who are among the 37,000 total number of their (Israel) and its is said that these people requested the Israel government to relocate them to Uganda over hospitality and relative connected reasons.

While addressing the media  at Uganda media center minister Echeru has however dismissed claims that the relocation process is being driven by money from Isreal and says that this is a normal practice where once relocated her to Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden, Australia among other countries says that the Israel

“In view  of the above, the state of Israel working with other refugee managing organizations has requested to allow about 500 refugees of Eritrean and Sudanese origin to be relocated to Uganda and the government with my ministry are positively considering this request” Minister Echeru reveals.

He adds that they are to through a transparent process for them to be housed in Uganda.

“It is important to note that all the relocates have to undergo a vigorous verification process under what we call refugee eligibility assessment to find their status so that are granted asylum in our country” Hon Echeru assures

Echeru has assured Ugandans that they gave got the money in the national coffers to look after these refugees from development patterns like Japan, Germany and India but this isn’t between the 2 governments because they are not being exchanged for money but humanitarian factors.

“Many countries that committed to support Uganda are already beginning to support Japan pledged to support with huge resources and now  its channel its resources through JAIGA, Germany and India the same and some amounts is already on our accounts on addition to these governments pitting up social-economic infrastructure in West Nile”

Political persecution, insecurity, social, race and religious conflicts are the major causes for the increasing refugee influx in the world which is hitting most countries and Uganda is currently hosting over 1.5M refugees and over  61% are children under 18 years of age and 82% are women and children and the total of over  1.1M from South Sudan.


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